Personal Safety

Safety is an important issue and must be given utmost priority during one’s stay in a foreign country. The purpose of this note is to remind Malaysian students to be vigilant at all times and to take extra precautionary measures when you are in unfamiliar surroundings or in the company of strangers. This reminder is for your own safety and well-being through out the duration of your study in New Zealand. There is also a constant need for students to be prepared in any eventualities like natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding and fire. In any case of these emergencies, please seek immediate assistance by calling your local police or by dialling 111. Do not panic, and always give your fullest co-operation to the relevant authorities and security personnel. But most of all use your common sense wisely because wise decisions make a lot of difference in any life-threatening situations. It is also important to notify the Education Malaysia New Zealand/High Commission of Malaysia in Wellington whenever you are affected by any emergencies, especially if you are inflicted with injuries.

Travelling In New Zealand

Provide your contact details and your whereabouts regularly to your parent or guardian and also to your close friends whenever you travel away from your address on official field trip or private excursion during your holidays. You must possess a valid driver’s license and personal insurance if you decide to drive a vehicle during such trips. Please observe traffic regulations at all times and be aware of road conditions especially during wet and icy conditions.


Emergency Plan

As part of your emergency preparation, we would like to advise you to be ready with some basic items such as food and drinking water so that you can cope on your own for at least three days. Where appropriate, stock them in a camping backpack or a large easy-to-carry container in advance to prepare for any eventualities that call for instant evacuation. The following website: is useful for detailed information on your emergency plan.

The following personal items must be kept in a safe place and within easy reach at all times as your preparations for any emergencies:


A.     Personal Documents

      - Passport.

      - Birth Certificate.

- Identity card.

- Transcript.

- Student ID.

- Driver’s license.

- Bank Account Numbers.

- Insurance card.

- Laptop (if any).


B.     Money

- Cash.

- Debit/Credit Cards.

- Cheque Book.


C.     Contact Details

- Emergency Phone Numbers (Police, Hospitals, Fire, Ambulance).

- International Students Office.

- Malaysian High Commission Office.

- Education Malaysia New Zealand (EMNZ).

- Sponsoring agencies.

- Next of Kin (Parents or Guardians).

- Close friends.

D.     Others

      - Emergency clothing.

      - Food (non-perishable items that require no refrigeration).

      - Bottled water.

      - Medicines (prescription and non-prescription drugs).

      - First aid supply

      - Sanitary supply

      - Quran, Surah Yasin, etc (for Muslims).

      - Bible or other religious books for non-Muslims.

      - Books for light reading.

      - Torchlight.

      - Radio.

The above list is not exhaustive. You may decide on other important items to help you with your emergency preparation.

Evacuation Plan

If disaster strikes please remain calm and be patient. Check for your own injuries first before attending to others. Listen to radio or television reports regularly for updates of the situation. When evacuation becomes necessary or when your local government officials issues evacuation orders, leave immediately and follow their instructions.

If you have only moments before leaving, grab these things and go:



Personal documents.

  • Money.

  • Mobile phone.

  • Medical supplies especially prescription medications.

Please remember: Common sense prevails at all times.

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